spinthemoon (spinthemoon) wrote,

Midweek DITL

In which I apparently eat all day long.

Brush teeth

This has been sitting on the counter for two months

I move it into the cabinate. I take my victories where I find them.

Molly wants outside. I need to paint the doorframe. But not right now.

Breakfast. My kitchen is yellow, but not as yellow as it looks in this picture.

High of 94. It must be Fall.

Middle Daughter rises, but refuses to shine.

I post the Wednesday Whatzit at Dark Charity and Clever Jeanette.

I don't think this is helping anything, but I paid for it so I take it anyway.

Made myself presentable and head out the door.

The grass that nearly changed lanes into me.

View from the parking garage. This used to be a Macy's.

I take the stairs.

Before I go to my desk, I stop by the business center. This arrow helpfully points the way.

I need some cash.

Now that my team in on the desk audit list, we have to keep our drawers locked.

I do some stuff on my to do list.

A group on our floor is selling vietnamese coffee as a fundraiser (thus the need for cash)

Leftovers for lunch

I promise I worked some more before I had a snack.

I do some testing

I do some testing

I've been sitting for hours, so I take a short walk

A local group yarnbombed the bamboo by my office

It's a gorgeous day

Back at my desk, I water my plants

My boss and I head out for an offisite meeting. We walk by the imploded Macy's.

We talk business over some pumpkin spice latte

More work, then time to head home

The shadows are getting long

The downside of living west of where I work

Back home, The Boy is engrossed in some science video on youtube

Middle Daughter wants to know what's in this envelope

I am digging the stamps

It's new cards for my stereoscope viewer. Of sheep!

Dinner and a movie and a needy dog

I internet for a bit and have some triscuits

Then I need to sew. It's not going particularly well.

Needy dog is needy. I sew until bedtime so forget to take any more pictures.

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