spinthemoon (spinthemoon) wrote,

Hot times

The Boy went away to Boy Scout camp last week. It was his first time for summer camp, and his first time so far away alone. That is, if you consider 41 other boys (one of which is is cousin) and 10 adults (one of which is my cousin) "alone".

Preparing was quite a thing. We got a packing list, and fortunately had about 85% of the stuff on it. Unfortunately, the 15% we didn't have was still a LOT of stuff. Expensive stuff. We had to buy him a cot, and hiking boots, and new tennis shoes, and special socks because the packing list explicitly stated the socks had to be wool and my lord did you know wool socks are TEN DOLLARS a pair? And it's not like there's a lot of opportunity to wear wool socks here in the semi-tropics.

The camp was in Colorado, sort of in between Colorado Springs and Denver. Which just happened to be exactly where a wildfire erupted, two days after he got to camp. The fire wasn't actually in the camp, but it was only a few miles away, and when the wind shifted in their direction, they evacuated with nothing but the clothes on their backs. They spent the day at an evacuation center waiting for the bus to come get them (it was on standby in Colorado Springs) and then headed back home.

Despite the trip being cut short, The Boy had a glorious time, and can't wait for next year. Forest fire aside, I'm thinking it's a good thing he came home early because in two days he managed to spend $40 at the trading post, lose his wallet down a ravine, and break his watch falling off a log. No telling what he would have destroyed if he'd made it the whole five days.
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