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Glad he's got that covered

Saturday night, we went to eat at a Japanese steakhouse, the kind with the hibachi table and flashy chef. The restaurant was really crowded, and the wait would have been over an hour, but a group of six graciously agreed to let us share a table with them, even though it meant everyone was a little squished.

The group turned out to be a birthday party for a girl turning fourteen. They were fresh and charming and lovely and I am now officially old because I just described a table of giggly squealing teenagers as fresh and charming and lovely. The Boy, who is generally quietly invisible in the presence of strangers, was even quieter and invisibler than usual. Halfway through dinner, Husband leaned over and whispered, I think maybe he's extra shy because he's starting to notice girls.

Wondering if he was on to something, Husband decided to question The Boy the next day.

Those girls were something else, weren't they? he asked, never one for subtlety.

They were kind of loud and annoying replied The Boy.

Well, you know you're not always going to feel that way about girls Husband started, and The Boy interjected with You're talking about puberty, aren't you?

Yes, Husband admitted, and when that happens, all those things about girls you think are annoying are going to suddenly seem really interesting.

Stop right there, said The Boy. Let me tell you how this story is going to play out. First, puberty hits, and it messes with your hormones, and you start liking girls, and then girls spend the next five years messing with your head, and then you find yourself crying in a college dormitory bathroom. I won't be crying in a college dormitory bathroom.
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