spinthemoon (spinthemoon) wrote,

Posting isn't the same as procrastinating, right?

I had so many plans for today. So. Many. But then I slept until 8:30 this morning and felt like half the day was gone before I ever got out of bed. So all I have managed to actually do is clean the coffeemaker, make french toast casserole and hot chocolate, and watch a couple of episodes of Gilmore Girls with Middle Daughter. And put some color on my hair, which is now sitting on my head waiting to be rinsed after I finish posting this, which means I will probably get distracted and forget and leave it on way too long and my hair will either be the color of blackberry jello or just fall out.

What I actually should have done by now:
Put away all the clean laundry and wash at least half the dirty laundry
Sort through the mountain of mail I haven't looked at for two weeks
Finish bagging up the last bit of stuff from the shed that it took me two months to decide whether to toss or keep
Clean the living room and den and at least one of the bathrooms and vacuumed and mopped the kitchen and the hardwoods and filled out the return form for my ghillies which were two sizes too small because the website said to order two sizes smaller than street shoe size which was totally bogus and...well, like I said, I had plans.

What I absolutely must do at some point today:
Make a shirt for The Boy to wear to RenFest tomorrow. I bought the fabric yesterday but need to dig up the pattern. I know it's around here somewhere. If I can't find it, I can fake it, since he's wearing it under a tunic and only the sleeves will show. Oh, and I need to sew a band around the bottom of the tunic because it's getting a little short. It would be fine without it, but it will be better with it.

What I may do today:
Get free ice cream at the Chocolate Bar. They're offering a free scoop to anyone who comes in costume, so Middle Daughter and I may get on our Dark Charity and Clever Jeannette gear and swing by. There are a couple of places in the area we've been considering for a photo shoot and the weather is wonderful today, so win-win.

What I will do right now:
Go rinse my hair. Wish me luck.
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