spinthemoon (spinthemoon) wrote,

I need help from someone smarter than me

OK, so if you haven't been there, the Spotted Hound is a steampunk photo blog. To add to the old timey vibe, and to hide a multitude of sins, the pics there are filtered as sepia.

I used an app that came with my printer - HP Photosmart essentials - to apply the filter. It was perfect. Just the right warmth, and it matched the template I used for the blog nicely. Everything came out really crisp, and the little details in the photos really popped.

Now, we have a new computer, and the version of the HP software wasn't compatible with Windows 7, so we had to upgrade it, and the sepia filter now sucks. Just royally sucks. So I've tried other options, but can't find one that's right.

Here's the original HP filter:

Here's the new HP filter:

All the detail is gone. I've tried going in afterwards and changing settings, but it still just looks like mud.

Here's a try with Windows Live:

The detail is better, but the color is awful. I've tried changing the warmth and tint and hue and it still just looks like an ordinary black-and-white pic to me.

And here is a try with Power point picture editing:

Still awful, way too orange, and I can't correct it to make it any better.

I am crushed. Just crushed. I know there must be something I haven't tried to get this to work. There's got to be a setting I don't understand or I'm not using correctly or...something. Or a software I haven't tried that will do a better job. I would just keep the old computer just for this stuff, but 1) it's huge. Like, huge, dude. and 2) it was crashing about ten times a day so probably won't last long anyway.

So, all my really smart photo-savvy friends...any tips? Suggestions?
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