spinthemoon (spinthemoon) wrote,

And on the flipside

  • I love the light this time of year
  • Right now, the sky in East Texas is my favorite color
  • My children are an absolute joy
  • My husband makes me laugh, every day
  • I found this website
  • And ordered stuff
  • Lots of stuff
  • I had all the ingredients on hand to make this, so I did
  • The werewolf hands were awesome
  • I am really enjoying the projects I'm doing at work these days
  • The stairwell in the parking garage is fixed, so I don't have to ride the creepy elevator any more
  • I have chocolate teddy grahams in the pantry
  • We have over 100 likes on our Dark Charity and Clever Jeanette  Facebook page
  • The shed really does look amazing
  • I turned an old 80's jacket into a really cute vest for Middle Daughter
  • Doctor Horrible is going to air on the CW
  • I may be a big old whiner baby, but I'm not an ungrateful wretch
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