spinthemoon (spinthemoon) wrote,

Bullets of mostly whine

  • No matter what time I get to work, the coffee has just run out and I have to make another pot
  • I have a hard time making coffee before I have had my coffee
  • I keep thinking I'm having hot flashes, but then I remember that last time I felt like this I was really running fevers
  • Hot flashes and fevers both suck
  • The newly re-roofed and re-sided and re-windowed and re-doored shed looks amazing, and it's not even painted yet
  • Now the house looks really bad by comparison
  • I have way too much steampunk stuff
  • I want more steampunk stuff
  • The shed is soon to be filled with steampunk stuff
  • We got a new computer and I had to upgrade all my photo editing software and now none of it works right
  • I am starting to think I will never ever sleep through the night again
  • I think I wake up during the night because my dreams are so boring
  • I took some aspirin for my wonky shoulder and now I'm covered in bruises
  • At least leopard is in for fall
  • I miss my BFFs
  • I miss my waistline
  • I am a big old whiner baby
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