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Only 65?

Tomorrow we are getting a new computer, because this one is wonky. It likes to reboot itself for no particular reason, and it's become very fond of blue. I know this, because it flashes a blue screen at me on a regular basis.

Because we are getting  a new computer, I spent some time backing up old files. And I ran across this, which Middle Daughter typed up a few years ago. At the time, she had made a new internet friend (like mother, like daughter) and had mentioned to him that her family was a bit odd. He claimed that his family was odder, so she made a list of facts about her family to send him. She won.

I stand by #62.
  1. My aunt has a pet squirrel
  2. I had a pet baby possum
  3. My mom dated an alligator wrestler
  4. My aunt had a pet chicken that would ride on the handle bars of her bike
  5. My mom had a pet dragonfly
  6. I trained a lizard in my grandmother’s living room without her knowing
  7. My dog mentioned is crazy, hyperactive and constantly spins in circles
  8. My mom had a form of narcolepsy where she would fall asleep in the middle of conversations then wake up and finish them
  9. She also fell asleep while dancing one time
  10. My aunt has part of her jaw bone in a jar in a box marked “childhood memories”
  11. My family has karaoke night and randomly a disco night… it gets kind of scary
  12. We wear funny hats and play pig mania in our pajamas
  13. We make up our own holidays
  14. My dad tries to sing and dance in public
  15. We wear garb to the Renaissance Fair every year (except for one year we didn’t go)
  16. I have too many family members to count and I can’t remember most of their names
  17. My grandpa wrote a letter to IBM complaining that home computers were too complicated because all anybody ever had to do was type a letter
  18. My grandpa once created a squirrel deterrent by electrifying a metal pie pan
  19. My house is possessed
  20. My mom cuts her own hair
  21. She has about 5 inches of my hair in a bag in her dresser
  22. My brother is in second grade and is most likely smarter than me
  23. He has been engaged twice
  24. I got married in pre-k
  25. My mom got married in kindergarten
  26. My mom and step dad got engaged 6 weeks after they met
  27. My nana and papa got married 3 weeks after they met
  28. My grandparents (Minnie and Honey) got engaged after 3 dates
  29. My great aunt and uncle got engaged the night they met
  30. My grandma (Grandy) has been married 4 times
  31. My step dad plays more video games than I do
  32. My aunt is scared of lizards
  33. My cousin and I are both terrified of roaches
  34. I have 5 siblings but none of them are fully related to me
  35. My mom majored in English and minored in physics without taking any math
  36. She has always made all of my costumes for pretty much everything
  37. My mom has been married 2 times, both to men at least 8 years younger than her
  38. She tells fortunes
  39. My mom’s three best friends she met online and didn’t actually see all of them in person for 10 years
  40. I am taking the time to type this
  41. The day we brought my brother home from the hospital we put him in a laundry basket
  42. I’m friends with about 25 of my family members on face book
  43. I’m the normal one in my family
  44. I don’t listen to music
  45. My cousin drives an art car van called “The Skunk”
  46. My cousin has a masters in playwriting and he is a cop
  47. He also wrote a children’s book about a possum (in case you can’t tell we are possum obsessed)
  48. At all the family dinners we talk about the most recent surgeries
  49. I only see some of my family every few years
  50. At one point my brother was drawing about 100 pictures a day
  51. Everyone in my family is good at one art form or another but no one thinks they have any artistic ability
  52. At my cousins wedding the singer was an Elvis impersonator
  53. My great grandmother got married again when she was 78
  54. At my mom and stepdads wedding their wedding cake toppers were dragons
  55. And the ring bearer was a bear
  56. And the wedding music was a bagpiper
  57. My cousin put a piece of dried corn in his ear and his parents had to pull it out with tweezers
  58. My two cousins used to beat each other with stuffed snakes
  59. My great aunt Katie wasn’t really my aunt, but a friend of my grandmother’s that came over to spend the night and never went home
  60. And when my grandmother ‘s family moved from Tennessee to Texas, Katie moved with them
  61. My aunt dresses up in her wedding dress and has a wand to be a fairy princess for the kids at her church
  62. My mom thinks that nothing on this list is weird
  63. My brother has an amazing memory. When he was 5, he could recite entire commercials word for word after seeing them once.
  64. But at the same time, when he’s in trouble he has issues remembering exactly what happened.
  65. And last but not least: My grandpa said that he mathematically proved the existence of God
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