spinthemoon (spinthemoon) wrote,

That's one way to put it

The Boy occasionally becomes obsessed with old science fiction movies. He recently stumbled across a trailer for Phase IV, which in case you don't remember, was a movie about ants that develop a hive mind and eventually cause humans to mutate and form a new species.

I remember this movie because it freaked me out. I didn't see it in the theaters, but it came on TV at some point while I was in middle school, or maybe my freshman year, and I remember the final scene, where the girl (there's always The Girl in any 1970's science fiction movie) had mutated into a sort of queen ant, ready to birth...something.

What I don't remember about the movie is that it's apparently very obtuse and weird and arty. Hardly any dialogue, surreal montages, that sort of thing. Which is why it caught The Boy's attention, and why he spent days asking Husband to explain what the movie was about.

Eventually, he found a video of the movie, and watched it. He was still a bit confused. Not being a girl teetering on the edge of puberty during the dawn of the feminist movement, I don't think the imagery was quite as horrifying to him as it was to me when I first saw it. He commented to Husband that the trailer hadn't really been helpful.

Well, son, Husband said, the trailer didn't really give away much about the movie.

Dad, The Boy replied, the movie didn't give away much about the movie.
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