spinthemoon (spinthemoon) wrote,

Time for the ten second tidy

This morning I worked on my website, adding a new recipe and rearranging my Leftovers page. This is my recipe archive and it was just getting too hard to read. So now it's all nice and tidy, unlike my house, which is better than it was this time last week but still has a long way to go.

We did give away two boxes of old clothes this week. I could easily give away ten more, but need to get some boxes first. I have this chair in my bedroom that is always piled with clothes because it's easier to find them on the chair than in my way-too-overcrowded closet. Granted, my closet is overcrowded because it's crammed full of stuff that has nothing to do with clothing, or even me for that matter, but I've got to start somewhere and throwing out Husband is not an option, so I'll just have to work around his stuff. For now.

I also need to finish The Boy's Halloween costume sometime today. Nothing like the last minute to get things done!

Tags: decluttering, randomness
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