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DITL 08/05/12 - The Long Road Home - Spin the Moon — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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DITL 08/05/12 - The Long Road Home [Aug. 9th, 2012|11:24 pm]
Middle Daughter and I went to Corpus for Antiques Roadshow. This is the ride home.

I completely forgot it was a DITL day until we were about thirty miles outside of town. Middle Daughter does a reinactment of navigating us through Corpus.

I love Historical Markers. This one is about one of the first homesteads in the area. Why they picked this spot I don't know.

We notice bits of white along the road. Could it be? Yes it is!

So of course we have to stop and gather some.

It's so FLUFFY!

Middle Daughter amuses herself picking grass out of the cotton for the next fifty miles.

I amuse myself by doing this.

There was supposed to be a historical marker here, but all we found was sunflowers. I call foul.

But we get to stop at this one outside Refugio. My husband always pretends not to see it until too late to stop.

I make Middle Daughter pose like a tourist so you can see how big these oaks are.

Middle Daugher looks for other roads where we are. There aren't any.

Refugio has some pretty houses.

And an awesome grill for sale.

This is why they call them plains.

We are excited by anything that breaks the landscape. Silos. Trains.

Water towers

Cotton. Lots and lots of cotton.

For the record, I am NOT speeding. They've recently changed the speed limits.

Ug to the supercorridor, although the name makes me laugh.

We spot a cute little rain cloud

It's not as cute when it starts raining on my windshield

I should start looking for a gas station

This does not bode well

Instead of a gas station, I find honey!

We are excited

It starts raining in earnest.

I find a gas station in the nick of time. We try the honey while we wait for my tank to fill.

Tune check

MIddle Daughter has been riding for 200 miles with this at her feet

We are unduly excited whenever there is something besides empty fields to look at

Double win - hay bales AND railroad tracks!

The rain and the cotton and the honey have thrown us off schedule, so we stop for lunch

I wish I had thought of this

Jackpot! All you can eat buffet!


Middle Daughter is so happy about the buffet she doesn't notice the wall of dead animals.

It's kinda creepy

But the dessert makes up for it

Baby Jesus among the deer heads

Obligatory DITL public bathroom self portrait

Could the rain be breaking up?

Alas, not so much

How You Know You're in Texas, #1

I am very tired of driving in the rain.

Good thing there is a Buc-ee's to cheer me up.

Beaver Nuggets!

How You Know You're in Texas, #2. These deer hop around so you can shoot at them with the little bow.

This is Middle Daughters reaction to that

How You Know You're in Texas, #3

Fudge, Beaver Nuggets, Jerky, and a slingshot. Do we know how to shop, or what?

This is how I feel about having to drive in the rain some more

Finally, it looks like there is blue sky ahead

But right here, it's still raining

The longest train I ever did see. (Name that tune!)

Almost out from under the rain!

At last...it clears off so much we need sunglasses again

I have nothing to say about this

We are getting closer to home. More lanes and we start to pass buildings.

I hate billboards, but this means we're almost home.

Only one more exit!

My neigborhood. Only two hours later than expected.

We stop by my mom's to drop off some bowls we took to the Roadshow. Braxton says hi.

Kenneth wants lap time, too. Braxton is not happy about sharing.

Awsome cinnamon sour cream cake from the Taxidermy BBQ place.

How many miles I've driven in the last 30 hours.


Middle Daughter tells Husband and The Boy about our trip

She gives Molly some jerky

Molly is now her new best friend for life

I barely have time to put down my bags before we head out to the grocery store. Can you tell cherries were on sale?

The green beans don't look so good. I buy a watermelon because it has the word "pac" on it.

The cart is always impressive when we've only been to the produce section.

I wasn't going to get grapes, but this package was trying so hard to get my attention I gave in

Get thee behind me, Cheetos!

This is new

I have no idea why belly dancing scarves are for sale at the grocery store

Mmmmm. Brie, orange marmalade, and cranberries

I get caught up on all the latest headlines while we check out. Poor Rob Pattenson.

$200 worth of groceries should not fit into one cart

...annnnddd of course it's raining again

I return the cart because I'm awesome

Middle Daughter has commandeered the computer

So I watch Anne of a Thousand Days

Which takes too much concentration, so I switch to Project Runway

We had such a big lunch, we only eat peanut butter, bananana, and honey sandwiches for dinner

I feel like I ought to clean at least something, so I dust a bit

I've been meaning to pull these for ages. I'm going to have to patch the chimney soon.

I try to sort through some pics for the Spotted Hound Project but I'm just too tired

So, we spend the rest of the night lazying on the sofa and watching tv.


From: (Anonymous)
2012-08-10 04:30 am (UTC)

Great photo essay!

But did you get ON Roadshow? :-)
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: spinthemoon
2012-08-10 04:52 am (UTC)

Re: Great photo essay!

No, we didn't get on. (I always tell my husband, "we don't have antiques, just old stuff"). But I mostly just wanted some information about some old stuff I had.

My sister almost got on, but her SIL was on a couple of years ago, and they have a really strict no family gets on twice rule.

It was really a great deal of fun, though.
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: jchammonds
2012-08-11 06:02 pm (UTC)
Uhm, pics of what you took to the Roadshow and what they told you!!!

It looks like you girls had a fun time!
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: spinthemoon
2012-08-12 01:36 am (UTC)
Ha - everything was packed up by the time I remembered to take pictures. I took a pair of Imari bowls because I wanted to know when they were made (1890s or so, according to the appraiser) and some jewelry of my grandmother's. I have a little brass owl pin I was hoping they could tell me about, but they didn't know what it was either.
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: woobiewoobster
2012-08-13 07:14 pm (UTC)
I hope you don't mind, I saw your ditl and added you as a friend.
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: spinthemoon
2012-08-14 03:04 am (UTC)
I don't mind at all - the more the merrier! Be forewarned that I am sporadic at best when it comes to posting, though.
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)