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What's the skinny? [Jul. 25th, 2012|12:27 am]
For the past couple of years, The Boy has been bigger than usual, which is saying a lot, because his usual is pretty darn big. But as kids often do before they grow up, he started growing out, and by the end of third grade we were picking his pants from the Husky racks.

The Boy was not pleased with this development. The first time I walked into the dressing room holding a pair of pants with "Husky" on the label, he eyed them suspiciously. What does Husky mean? he asked.

It means you're solid, replied husband.

Yeah...solid blubber! The Boy said, with a sadly dejected air.

By the middle of fourth grade, we had moved past the boy's department altogether, and had to restock his wardrobe from the Men's section. Although he was pleased at not being a husky any more, I was a bit concerned that this was more than a phase.

I shouldn't have worried. Suddenly, about two weeks ago, his pants started getting droopy. Husband was constantly nagging him to wear a belt, because the waistband of The Boy's underwear was forever peeking above his shorts.

Then, on Sunday, the phone rang and I heard The Boy running to answer it. It sounded like this:

thump thump thump THUH-THUMP

Thinking he had tripped over the dog, I ran into the living room, to find The Boy sprawled across the tile, with his shorts around his ankles.

Yup. He's lost so much weight that he literally ran out of his pants.

[User Picture]From: jchammonds
2012-07-25 06:07 am (UTC)
Lol! Ethan did the same thing = out, out, out and then finally UP!
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[User Picture]From: onelargecat
2012-07-25 11:12 pm (UTC)
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