spinthemoon (spinthemoon) wrote,

A puttering kind of DITL

I can't believe I slept in this late. I'm still the first one awake though.

Most epic bedhead ever

Molly looks about as awake as I do

I've managed to keep these flowers alive almost two months!

My marigolds are doing well now that the snails stopped eating them

I throw in some laundry

Back inside, I open the blinds to let in light

So I can read for a while

I decide to make tea, but the stove needs cleaning

Much better

The back door squeeks, so I break out the WD40

Another load of laundry

What kind of tea?

I go with the Chai

Tea makes me think of toast. Toast makes me think of jam.

Everyone is still asleep, so I read some more.

Oh, look...laundry

Middle daughter finally wakes up

And so does Husband. I make them fold laundry.

I didn't make him do this.

I need to sharpen a knife to fix lunch. I really need to clean out the junk drawer, but I'm only doing little puttery things today, and that seems like a big thing.

Mmmm...greens, chicken, pine nuts, walnuts, dried cherries and feta.

I interweb while I eat

And...you guessed it...do some laundry

Middle daughter is off to game with friends

I decide it's time to get clean

While the bathroom is desteaming, I work some on the Spotted Hound project.

Review some pics until the bathroom is unfogged

I pull out my bag of tricks

Time check. Yay for husbands who make beds!

Ready to go

I find these when I switch purses

We spend the next couple of hours watching MIB3

The Boy approved

I make him pose

This sign drives me crazy. Both lanes exit, and I can exit either lane, but I can't exit both lanes.

Back home, Molly greets us. I suspect she was napping.

I start dinner.

And check my work email

The Boy swiffers

More! More laundry! Mwahahahaha!

I clean the soap dish in the bathroom, because it was soapy

Where does all this laundry come from?

Time to peel the potatoes. Husband is at the store picking up more vegetables.

This workspace is out of control. I clean it up a bit, but don't take an after picture because I'm probably the only one who can see the difference.

Middle Daughter returns

For a change of pace, I do some laundry

Huband brings vegetables just in the nick of time

Middle Daughter helps choose this week's picture

And we update the Spotted Hound. Shameless plug - check it out. Tell your friends.

Because today is the day little things drive me crazy, I clean off the desk.

I think The Boy is still recovering from the sleepover he went to Friday night

My mom comes to dinner. This is my family visiting with my mom, who is not in this picture.

After dinner, Husband and I settle in to watch the last Sherlock

Cookie time for Molly. She missed the first one, but caught this one.

And then I do three more loads of this. Seriously, what is up with all the laundry?

And then I'm too depressed about the neverending laundry to take any more pictures. Because they would all be of laundry.

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