spinthemoon (spinthemoon) wrote,

Raise your glass(es)

Because my vision plan pays towards a new pair of glasses every calendar year, I planned to get an eye exam and pick out new frames in January. Because I'm me, I just went to the eye doctor last week. This getting new glasses every year is a new thing for me; I don't wear my glasses very often, and my prescription hasn't changed in forty years, so it feels very extravagant. But my old tv-watching glasses were so scratched up that I see better without them, so I really did need a new pair.

Last year I got rimless frames, which were nice and lightweight, but never really won me over. They just seemed like old lady glasses to me. This year I picked out some trendy squarish two-toned Kate Spades, and I like them much better. Now that I think about it, my old (pre-rimless frames) glasses were Kate Spades as well. Does that mean I'm in a Kate Spade rut?

I picked up my new frames today. They are very cool. I don't feel like such an old lady when I wear them.

I had time after I picked up my new frames to run by Steinmart and pick up a few things. One of the things I picked up was a pair of reading glasses. Because I am an old lady.
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