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Since I'm sure you're wondering

So, here's what I ended up making for Mother's Day brunch.

From top left down and across - fake crostini with goat cheese and smoked salmon or apricot jam, brie and proscuitto; steamed asparagus; nutella crescent rolls; smokies and candied bacon; orange ring (which fell apart, but tasted awesome); pepperoni rolls; fruit salad; cold cuts/cheese/condiments/rolls; strada

It was all yummy, if I say so myself, and I just did, so I guess I do. Except the nutella crescent rolls, which were slightly undercooked. We also had mimosas and iced Cafe du Monde with sweetened condensed milk (next time I will mix the milk in better before I ice it down) and build-your-own-trifle for dessert.

After everyone went home, Husband and I decided to do the Builders Showcase home tour. Some of the houses were just stupid big. There were only two I'd even remotely want to live in, and I wasn't crazy about either of them. I couldn't quite figure out the trick of the year this time. It seems every year the builders get together and decide what the hot new thing will be - one year it was media rooms, one year it was wine cellars, one year it was hidden rooms. I guess they ran out of ideas. I did notice a lot of inset tile work in the floors and bathrooms, and carpet seems to be making a comeback, at least in bedrooms. Maybe tile floors instead of harwoods?

The best part was before we left. As we were getting ready to leave, I asked Middle Daughter if she could clean up some while we were gone. She replied, Clean up what?

To put her question in context, here are some pics:

The table

The stove

The sink

And my favorite - Middle Daughter, when she realized I was taking pictures of all the things after she said it

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