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In which I keep forgetting to take pictures, so it appears as if I magically teleport from place to place, and don't even bother cropping the pics to hide the clutter in my house.

I'm up for hours before I remember it's a DITL day. So I'll start when Middle Daughter wakes up (sort of)

We spend some time steampunking stuff. 

Molly is unimpressed.

We make messes.

The Boy is awake and occupied.

Too much gray.

Time for some color.

Since I'm in the bathroom anyway, I do some cleaning.

While I wait for my color to set, I do some interwebbing. I check PostSecret

I look to see if the corset I want is on sale yet (it isn't)

And I check the weather. After a year of drought, it's been raining buckets the last few days. But today we get sun!

Time to rinse.

More stuff to make

Mustaches are a must!

The Boy works on a project of his own...I think he's making backgrounds for a stop motion movie.

Mustaches are done! Not bad for a first attempt, I think.

Next, I make a snood. I like how it turns out, but decide not to use it.

Lunch break. Leftover 15 bean soup with brown rice. I want two bowls, but only eat one.

Middle Daughter gets goofy

I'm a bit scared that I left the color in too long. It's much darker than I'm used to.

Time to unpaint the nails. I love the color, but I'm too lazy for the maintenance polished nails require.

I totally forget to take pictures until we're at my sister's house setting up for our super duper top secret spotted hound project.

I don't think this pic gives anything away, do you?

Afterwards, we pop across the street to my mom's house

She thinks we're a bit odd

*bampf*...now we're magically at the Nature Center for some more picture taking

We spent a LOT of time here when the kids were little. Middle Daughter gets all nostalgic.


This guy is new. Middle Daughter wants to take him home with us.

This, on the other hand, is a little creepy.

*bampf*...we're magically at home again. The Boy checks out the spotted hound scene book.

Middle Daughter changes into something slightly less steampunky.

*bampf*...I am now magically back at the nature center, only this time I have 15 Webelos with me. (Fortunately, I also have at least 9 parents, too)

We are working on the Forestry pin, to make up for the campout that got cancelled because of the rain.

Epic Macro Fail

Walking back to the scout house, we pass this house, which I love muchly.

The Boy draws his Urban Forestry Plan

*bamf*...we're magically back in our kitchen, where Middle Daughter doesn't like the flash much.

She's going out to dinner with a friend, so we retaliate by going out to dinner, too. The flash shows off my dirty, dirty car. It's been raining too much to wash it.

The Boy was very hungry

Apparently, so was I.

This is what Husband thinks of getting his picture taken.

So many desserts!

The Boy gets blurry just looking at them

*bamf*...we're back home again. This was supposed to be a picture of Molly looking out the window at us.

I collapse and watch some TV

My house is a wreck. I start to think about cleaning up some of this mess.

But I get distracted by a funny sound from the other room and have to investigate.

Then I remember that it's a DITL day, so this is required before I can go to bed.

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