spinthemoon (spinthemoon) wrote,

Easing into Spring

I am a bear. Or maybe a doormouse. When the days get short, I might as well be hibernating. I get nothing accomplished from September to March. There's something about the sun going down that just makes me want to curl up and sleep.

At least, that's the excuse I'm using for my total lack of motivation. I have a list as long as my arm of stuff that I want to get done, but apparently I don't want to get it done enough to do it.

The tide is turning, though. (Although that's a really poor choice of metaphor, since it doesn't relate at all to the whole winter/hibernation thing). This past weekend, we did manage to finish taking down the Christmas tree. And it's not even February! It's totally my fault that it didn't come down sooner - about three weeks ago Husband started putting the ornaments away, but then halfway through figured he was probably doing it wrong just by virtue of being male, so stopped to let me do the rest. Which took me three weeks to do. To be fair, Sunday morning Husband actually boxed up the last few ornaments and took down the lights, although in my defense I had planned to do it as soon as I finished the last couple of chapters in the book I was reading. Priorities and all that.

But, once the tree was down and all the boxes back in the attic, I was inspired to really clean the living room in the way I haven't been for the last few months. It looks so much better, I might be inspired to clean something else in the near future. I might even get around to replacing the old rug pad in the entry way with the new one I bought two months ago. You know - the one sitting in the bag on the floor of our bedroom. For two months.

But I wouldn't want to rush anything. A bear needs her sleep, after all.
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