spinthemoon (spinthemoon) wrote,

You ask, I deliver

Thanks to everyone for your suggestions on kickstarting my blogging. Because I am me, I will get distracted and not get around to using all your ideas, but in the spirit of good faith and self delusion, I'm pretending like I will.

Today we'll start off with my bff milli's suggestion: Use 5 songs to describe yourself. Feel free to YouTube video them.

This was tougher than I expected. Mostly because I wanted to pick current songs to prove how with-it and hip I am, which of course made the whole thing a dismal failure from the get-go.

So instead of being current and happening, I'm going with ancient nostalgic and sentimental.

First off, a song from my childhood. I had this on a 45 and played the grooves off it (and anyone that doesn't know what that means can bite me, you dangblasted whippersnapper). I chose this because it's the B side of a really nerdy song. I'm nerdy, and I love B sides. I miss B sides.

This next one I chose because more than one guy dedicated it to me back in my high school/college days. It's OK, it was done with love. I think.

Song number 3 sums up my religious views. I don't talk about religion much, because when I do I just tick people off. But since this is all about me, I felt like I should throw it in the mix.

Number four I really really like, for lots of reasons. I'm not sure exactly why it describes me, but it does. Maybe you can explain it to me.

For my last song, I was going to go with Moonshadow, because I've been accused of being disgustingly pollyannaish, and that song is pretty pollyannaish. But in the end, I had to go with this one, because it's brilliant (not that I'm saying I'm brilliant, but if you want to think I'm brilliant, go for it) and like my first song, I played this album at least a thousand times, and this was always my favorite track.

And as a bonus, in the category of others know you better than you know yourself, when I asked Husband for a song suggestion he gave me this:

And the first thing that popped into DD's head was this:

If you'd like to play along at home, leave a comment with a song you think describes yourself. Or describes me. Or describes your next door neighbor, although I don't know your next door neighbor so I won't understand it.
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