spinthemoon (spinthemoon) wrote,

Out with the old

It's the last day of the year, so I feel like I should post something amazing and insightful, but honestly I got nuthin. I've never been big on New Year's Eve, or making resolutions, or reflecting back on The Year That Was. Cockeyed optimist that I am, I've always believed that if you don't like your life, you can start over right now. Every second of every day is a chance to reinvent yourself, so why wait?

That's not to say I'm not superstitious about the new year, though. I always feel like however I start the year carries through, so I always try to start the year with a clean house. This never works. But it doesn't stop me from trying, which is why I spent an hour this morning cleaning the stove, and plan on spending the rest of the day mopping floors and washing windows and wiping down walls. I'm a wild woman! Don't try to stop me! Do I know how to party, or what?
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