spinthemoon (spinthemoon) wrote,

Bits o'stuff

  • Two years after Geocities closed, I finally got around to moving my website over to Yahoo. Now I just have to spend a bazillion hours re-linking every page and picture. But it will be nice to be able to update it again. I like having a place for all my stuff. And it's fun going through all the pictures. It's been a going-through-old-pictures kind of month. I'm feeling very nostalgic.
  • After being married to someone for nearly 14 years, you think you know them. But I just found out tonight that Husband knows all the words to "It's a Small Small World". All. The. Words.
  • I did finally get one of the corsets I ordered, but not the one I wanted the most. And I'm not sure I love it, but the tag came off so I don't think I can return it if I decide I don't want it. Middle Daughter's on the other hand is gorgeous.
  • In related news, real corsets are really really hard to get into. That whole Scarlett-holding-the-bedpost thing in Gone With the Wind? Not an exaggeration.
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