spinthemoon (spinthemoon) wrote,

I don't mean to complain. It just happens.

And of course the minute I post about blogging, I stop blogging. It's a thing. The last week has just been a crazy busy rollercoaster of stuff and more stuff and then some, you know, other stuff.

I was going to post about how we had to cancel The Boy's birthday party two days before the event because we had so many declines and last minute cancellations that only ONE of the kids we invited was going to attend, but it just made me too sad. I'll spare you the backstory of how this was going to be The Boy's first ever actual party, and how he spent hours making personalized gift bags for all the guests, and how much he sobbed when we told him we were going to have to reschedule his party for after the new year, and kept saying, I don't understand. I go to all their parties...why don't they want to come to mine? Suffice it to say the whole thing was just a disaster.

In somewhat brighter news, we had my mom's 80th birthday party this weekend. I stayed up til two a.m. five nights straight going through old photographs and creating a slide show. Then when I copied it over to the burner, the slides got rearranged. Both in the burner program, and the original folder. I was so discourged I nearly cried myself to sleep. Fortunately as it turned out only about forty of the pictures were out of order. In retrospect the whole thing was stupid because no one but me knew what order the pictures were supposed to be in, but I guess lack of sleep and stress aren't really conducive to logical thought.

As a perfect capper to the week, The Boy and I are both sick. Husband stayed home with him today so I could stay home with myself, since the last few times I've stayed home sick from work I've had a sick kid home with me. I sat on the couch and watched Gilmore Girls and drank hot tea with lemon and started reading a new book. The only remotely houseworky things I did were to change the vacuum cleaner bag, and go through my closet and cull out a huge stack of things to give to Goodwill. I even gave away all my sentimental clothes, except for my high school band jacket and a cheongsam that fit Middle Daughter, which should give you some idea of how long it's been hanging in my closet.

And because this is now a post in which I complain about stuff, when I went through the basket of gentle wash laundry I keep in the closet, I found bugs had eaten huge holes in my three favorite (and most expensive) sweaters. The ones I spent too much on just last year. And I'd just like to add that pointing out it's my fault for not getting around to doing a load of sweaters for six months, thereby leaving them in the laundry basket which is apparently a bug buffet extravaganza, is not helpful.

I would close this post by telling you about the stuff I ordered online from a company in the UK that promised delivery in 5-10 days that has not been delivered as of day 21 and counting, but that would just make me sound whiny.
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