spinthemoon (spinthemoon) wrote,

It's a good thing I can't count

So, my goal was to post every day in November, or as a back-up plan, make 30 posts in November. Right now I'm at 17. I'm not really good with math, but I'm pretty sure that 17 <> 30. Still, it's better than October, when I only made 3 posts, and true to my middle-of-the-road nature, 17 is more or less halfway to 30.

Back in my hypercompetitive stubborn overachieving (ok, that last one is a stretch; I couldn't even type it without laughing) days, I would have posted 13 times today just to get to 30, but I like yall too much to subject you to that. I suspect that part of my inability to post every day is the fear that I'm wearing out my welcome which if you think about it is really just vanity making me think everyone is compelled to read just because I post. I mean, you are, right?
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