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In which I accomplish stuff [Nov. 27th, 2011|08:50 pm]
Whew. I haven't blogged in a bit because we've been really busy, what with the holidays and all. Plus, computer time has been somewhat limited, since any time The Boy isn't playing Minecraft or Roblox, Middle Daughter or Husband are playing Skyrim. You'd think with four computers in the house this particular one wouldn't be so popular, but it is. And all the others are laptops and I can't type on a laptop, so yeah, that's a pretty lame excuse for not blogging but there you have it.

Having a long weekend makes me miss my 9/80 schedule even more. I had forgotten how much I can get done with an extra day. Today I cleaned out and rearranged the pantry, grouping everything by type, finding all sorts of stuff in the process. The chocolate chips everyone thought we didn't have? A bag and a half. The brown rice I can never get anyone to eat unless we're having 15 bean soup? Four bags. One of which we sent to go live on a farm. Well, my sister's house. And I found lentils, which I had totally forgotten about, and which inspired me to make a curried lentil salad with quinoa, butternut squash, and raisins, and which no one will eat but me.

I also: finished reading a book and started on another one, went to the grocery store, helped my mom hang some Christmas decorations, went shopping with Middle Daughter to get her some jeans (and ended up getting her five tops, a sweater, and two pairs of gloves, but only one pair of jeans because they only had one pair her size in the entire store) (and now I've typed "pair" three times in one sentence and it looks completely wrong and weird even though I know it's right), dropped off some stuff at Goodwill, and made (what else?) 15 bean soup for dinner.

Oh, yeah. And blogged!