spinthemoon (spinthemoon) wrote,

All that Ultraman and Godzilla is paying off

I'm totally stealing today's blog from The Boy. As a school assignment, he had to create and draw a monster, then write a story about it. Monsters are The Boy's bailiwick. I haven't seen the actual story, but he did have a couple of rough drafts in his red folder, and I just had to share a few exerpts:

The Creature that (tried to) Challenge the World
BOOM! The sound of the tv exploding bounces off my aparment walls. It's a long story, so I might as well start from the beginning. A few minutes ago, my tv broke. So I tried to fix it myself, because I didn't want the repairman to see me. I look like a zombie dressed to look like a potato with a clam who tried to eat its head.

Second untitled draft
Editor's (that would be me, although I'm not editing other than cutting out a bit in the middle) note: I love this one, because it is totally The Boy. The flair for the dramatic, the endless destruction, the jumping from idea to idea...this is like experiencing The Boy live. Imagine this being played in your ear nonstop for ten years, (OK, 8 years, since he didn't talk much for the first two) and it will give you some idea of life in our house.

The sound of people pacing down the hall fills my ears as tourists are led by guides to go to the new exhibit, "Creatures form the Ancient World". I crawl out of my hole and creep towards a small restaraunt in the corner of the building. I don't want to be seen, because hey, I look like E.T.'s ugly brother, and that's saying something. As I stalk through the shadows, I can see the giant statue of Silver Bloome, an ancient creature that just happens to be the star of the new exhibit. Not paying attention to where I'm actually going, I slam into the outer wall of the coffee shop...

Tentacles lash out at my head, this thing's 600 feet tall, so it's pretty obvious what I'm going to do next, isn't it? And that is run. Right now, I don't care if I look like a zombie who played with frogs, I just need to get out of this mess NOW! Everybody thinks I look horrible, but I actually look quite handsome by monster standards. I have a clam shaped head, bulging eyes, a butt like a bunny, skinny arms, and super long feet. On top of that, I'm covered head to toe in warts.

As I exit the museum, and as I look up, I see Silver Bloome's tentacle breach the top windows and tear up the place form the outside in. The building falls to the ground nearly killing me, an endless rain of shrapnel rains down, follwed by real rain. I stared awe struck, preparing for the worst.
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