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The decades come, the decades go [Nov. 20th, 2011|08:09 pm]
Today The Boy turned ten. Well, technically, he won't be ten until around 10:20 tonight, but since it's his birthday day, I guess it counts. At about this time ten years ago, I was eating a lollipop and wondering if I was going to be pushing any time soon.

We commemorated the day today by watching some old videos. From the same year I began this journal, in fact. It was fun to see the kids all little again. It was depressing to see me all young again (even though at the time I thought I looked old and fat. Ha!)

The best part? A video of us at the aquarium, waiting to get into the exhibit. Three-year-old Boy looked up at me and said in a plaintive tone, "I'm really tired of walking." To which I replied, "That's really sad, because we just started walking and have a lot more to do."

Husband turned to me and said, "That pretty much sums you up, doesn't it?"

In my defense, the next clip was me carrying the boy through the aquarium.