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Belated Day in the Life [Oct. 2nd, 2011|11:20 pm]

Wednesday was a DITL day. I remembered to take pictures, but didn't get a chance to upload and resize them in time to make the deadline for posting in DITL. But that doesn't mean I can't post them here! Don't you feel lucky?

A rather long day in my life.

Brusha brusha brusha

Take the Hey, kick it up a notch, thyroid! and Stop swelling, feet! meds

Would love to spend hours here, but don't have the time

I require a great deal of maintenance

Remember to turn off the alarm. Yay me!

Grab my robe

Good morning, Molly

Since our back door has been kicked in twice, we've added this lovely gate

On the bright side, it gave me an excuse to buy this really cute bunny key holder

At this point, I realize the camera battery is low, so have to charge it. So you missed breakfast and all other morning prep. In case you're wondering, it was exactly like my breakfast and morning prep in every other ditl I've ever done.

Dead yard is dead. Dang drought. It's Fall, so I'm wearing boots even though it's going to be 98 today

Commuting music

This does not look promising

Fifteen minutes later, and I haven't even made it onto the freeway yet

More draught damage

It makes me sad. And worried about fire.

Traffic on the freeway is moderately better

Woo Hoo! I'm doing 45 mph now!

Get to the office to find all the coffee is gone. Make more.

Cocoa and cinnamon help

I demonstrate mad multitasking skilz by conference calling while prepping for my next meeting. Sophia is not impressed.

I don't realize until I upload these pics that my earpiece leaves bits of foam all over my face

Attend meeting. Rinse. Repeat. Repeatedly.

All the meeting notices I missed because I was in meetings.

Meet some friends for lunch. There is confusion on who is tagging along.

We give up trying to figure it out and go eat. I get a chicken swarma. Nom.

And buy cookies for my team because I love them even though they mock my mad skilz

I spend a LOT of time here

Joe looks worried. Because I never show up unless I have bad news.

This is the kind of reaction I usually get.

But sharing cookies is a cure for many ills. That guy on the end and I shock and amaze the others with tales of our days at a different company.

No more meetings today, so I have time to do some paperwork.

I complain that my team never looks happy in my ditl pictures

So they indulge me. Sort of.

I'm actually making progress on my to-do list

This is a very scary schedule. Good thing my team is made of awesome.

Before I leave, I water my plant. It likes the new office very much.

Make my to-do list for tomorrow

See all those ivies? They blew down during Ike, but have grown back now.

Home again. Still loving my new boots.

Take in the recycling bin

Middle Daughter has dinner ready. Having kids old enough to cook? Awesome!

Thanks for dinner, MD!

The Boy has played so much Minecraft he's all blurry

We watch some Big Bang Theory while we eat. But we only have time for one episode, because...

Middle Daughter and I have shopping to do

She scores this owl pocket watch

At the next store, she steals the camera

I am on a mission. Alas, it is a failure.

This is just wrong

Stocking it around the corner from the Halloween stuff doesn't make it OK

Supplies procured, Middle Daughter and I start turning old laser tag guns

Into cool steampunk weapons

Molly is tired after her walk

Middle Daughter in her natural habitat

Husband and I share cheezits while catching up on Dr. Who

Time for bed. I have no idea what that expression is all about.

After that, I forgot to take pictures, but you didn't miss anything but more cheezits, me catching up on facebook while complaining about the new format, and eventually falling asleep on the couch. I'm a mad woman, for sure.


[User Picture]From: jchammonds
2011-10-03 11:04 am (UTC)
LOVE your boots! The boy is a giant compared to the child I remember! MD looks so different - older, too, I guess. Her dinner looks delicious.

I never remember what you do!
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: spinthemoon
2011-10-03 11:57 am (UTC)
I'm excited about the boots. I'm hoping it's not 90* all winter, so I can actually wear them.

The Boy is just a giant, period. He won't be 10 for another couple of months and when we bought his boy scout uniform, we had to get him an adult size. He wears a men's size 8 shoe. It's crazy. MD cut off all her hair and it really changed the shape of her face. I can't decide if she looks older or younger, though.

I'm an IT manager - my team does development work.
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: onelargecat
2011-10-03 12:55 pm (UTC)
Yes! She looks totally different with short hair! I like it.
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: skipperja
2011-10-08 05:08 pm (UTC)
I like the boots and the skirt.

Are we friends on Facebook?
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