spinthemoon (spinthemoon) wrote,

I've got the touch

I'm required to carry a blackberry for my job. Way back when I first started, I had to carry a pager, but that didn't work out so well, because I wasn't smart enough to use it. Pagers have always confused me. At a different job, for a different company, I had to take the on-call pager one weekend and when it went off I thought it was the oven timer. And then I thought it was the smoke alarm. My niece, who was about 10 at the time, had to explain what that beeping noise was. And show me how to retrieve the call. Not my finest IT hour.

Anyway, on this job, when it was a different job (because I have had many different jobs at this job) I had to carry a pager, but no one ever called it. I did get one wrong number, and one time when I was in training and we weren't allowed to bring pagers to class someone called it, which I didn't find out until seven hours later, which sort of defeated the purpose of having a pager.

Then I got a different job at my job, and got a blackberry, which I liked. Husband, not so much. Becuase at a different different job with a different different company, I had a blackberry which I had to check constantly, because I got over 300 emails a day, and actually had to reply to about 200 of them. Husband hated that blackberry.

In my current job I only get ~150 emails a day, but a good percentage of those arrive when I'm not at my desk, and a good percentage of those require some sort of timely response. Plus, I spend a lot of time in meetings and my schedule is constantly in flux, so having the calendar available on my blackberry keeps me from wandering aimlessly in the halls wondering where I'm supposed to be. Usually.

My blackberry was a pretty old model, which was fine by me, because I'm not really about fancy technology. If a pager confuses me, you can imagine how awesome I am with more sophisticated devices. But a couple of weeks ago, the charging port went wonky, and it wouldn't recharge, and since it was so old I had to get a whole new blackberry.

The new one is very new. It's very fancy. It has a touch screen. I am not the touchy feely type, especially when it comes to technology. I suppose after enough practice I'll be able to scroll through my calendar without accidentally inviting 30 people to a non-existant meeting and open an email without ending up researching dire wolves on wikipedia, but I think the next couple of days are going to be interesting.
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