spinthemoon (spinthemoon) wrote,


Yes, it's been a really long time since I've posted. I keep meaning to write, but every time I sit down to the computer I get distracted.

With what? You ask. Or perhaps, What with?

Mostly, with wishing I were 30 years younger. Because if I were, I would totally be dressed like this. Or possibly this.  

I am obsessed, yall. Obsessed. Notsomuch with the whole lifestyle thingy, but with the clothes. The gears! The dials! The jackets! The buckles! Oh, my...the buckles! How is a nerdy girl supposed to breathe with a world of little brassy bits winking at her? I have spent days drooling over corsets and goggles and gauntlets.

Here comes the part where being the matriarch of a family of nerds is not helpful. Because if I had a normal family, my children would be horrified. The mere suggestion that I might be thinking of trading in my mom jeans for a bustle skirt would give the average teenage daughter the vapors. My daughter? Goes online and finds cool stuff for me to buy.

Of course, I am much too old to consider incorporating any of this into my everyday wardrobe. Thankfully, that's what Halloween is for. You want to know how obsessed I am? I actually have most of my Halloween costume done this year, and it's not even October 28th yet.

In the end, I managed to resist these boots. But only barely. I think I will console myself with a top hat. And some goggles.
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