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I may forget to post this

Ever since The Boy was little...wait, let me rephrase, since The Boy has never been little...ever since The Boy was littler, I've been tucking him in at night and giving him a series of goodnight kisses he calls The Kissy Express.

There is a pre-bedtime routine I call  The Taking Of The Gummy Vites. The Boy brings me the jar and we each take our vitamins. If they are the sour kind, we laugh at how much they make us drool, and if they are the regular kind, we discuss which flavors we want to pick and pretend to both want the same one. After we have vitamins, The Boy goes to bed.

One of the many ways I fail at parenting is completely forgetting that we've partaken of the vitamins and leaving The Boy lying in his bed with the light on, waiting patiently for the Kissy Express.

In my defense, after The Taking Of The Gummy Vites, The Boy will brush his teeth, wander around the house under various pretenses, fill his water glass, and then eventually get in bed and wait for me to tuck him in and turn out the light, so it's not like I forget the second he walks out of the room.

Thankfully, The Boy is very understanding. Tonight, about an hour after TTOTGV, Middle Daughter stuck her head in the door of the den and asked, "Why is The Boy still lying in bed with the light on at eleven o'clock?" (Translation: You suck at this parenting thing). As I was arranging his covers, I thanked him for being so patient with my terrible memory.

That's OK, he replied. I have a sort of long term short term memory issue myself. Something will happen, and then five minutes later I've forgotten what it was, but then an hour and five minutes later, I remember it.

Yup - he's my son alright.
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