spinthemoon (spinthemoon) wrote,

Did you miss me?

Well, so much for keeping my vow to blog every day. It's nice to get that vow-shattering thing out of the way so quickly. Kind of like getting the first dent in a new car. Now I can relax.

I suppose I didn't really vowshatter, since I did blog last night. But LJ ate my post. Apparently they have been under DDoS attack. I had to look that up.

It's just as well...I blogged about work, and I never blog about work. So the universe was really doing me a favor by not letting it post.

Of course, not posting means I couldn't satisfy my never-ending need for validation. I swear if my parents had known when I was born how much I would need validating, they would have named me Parking Stub.

So, fingers crossed I'm back on track and LJ stops eating posts.

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