spinthemoon (spinthemoon) wrote,

And the world turns

On my 31st birthday, I got carjacked. Which is awesome, because now no matter what happens on my birthday, I can say, It's better than the year I got carjacked. The year I had the flu? Still better than the year I got carjacked. The year all sorts of crummy stuff happened at work? Still better than the year I got carjacked.

Today is my birthday, and it was better than the year I got carjacked, although I don't really need to fall back on the carjacking because I had a very nice day, considering I'm still recovering from a bad stomach bug that weirdly enough causes back spasms and ear pain.

Now that I'm 51, I think I've earned the right to refer to myself as an Old Broad. Of course, the problem with that is anyone younger than I am has probably never heard that expression, which kinda sucks the fun out of it. Up until now I'm not sure what I was, but Old Broad wasn't it. I mean, I was certainly old and certainly broad, but I never felt particularly Broady in my forties. I suppose because forty was the new thirty and thirty was the new twenty and twenty was the new toddler and anything under 10 was the new sperm? meet egg.

I have made a vow - a special, secret vow - to blog every single day until my next birthday. Which I've already blown seeing as how it's no longer a secret, and I know for a fact a couple of weeks from now I'm going to be without internet for a couple of days, but a girl can dream, right? Especially on her birthday.
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