spinthemoon (spinthemoon) wrote,

How dry I am

We are in the middle of a drought. With the exception of one day in December and one day in January, we have had no rain since September. Things are starting to catch fire. Not my things, knock wood - but things like fields and medians.

The weather has been really weird - half the humidity we're used to and hotter than normal. But almost every evening, dark clouds roll in and tease us with the promise of rain that never comes. I'm actually watering my plants every day, for the first time in...oh...ever. And they're dying anyway. I have cracks in my yard as wide as my arm. We're considering trading in Molly for a camel.

It seems so odd that we're so parched while so much of the country is dealing with terrible flooding. A little moderation would be appreciated, Weather.
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