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Squirrel saga, part deux - Spin the Moon — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Squirrel saga, part deux [Apr. 8th, 2011|10:07 pm]

So, what I didn't mention in my last post was that the squirrel did not excape unscathed. It didn't escape at all. Husband didn't have time to deal with it as he was on his way out the door to work, and then it dawned on him later that Middle Daughter would come home after school and let Molly out, and the squirrel would be where she dropped it.

Husband called my mom and asked her if she would mind disposing of the squirrel. He told her to just put it in a trash bag and set it out by the curb so Molly couldn't get to it. Which she graciously did.

Have I ever mentioned that we have curbside recycling? And that the squirrel incident happened on recycling day? Do you see where this is headed?

I'm expecing a very strongly worded editorial in next month's recycling newsletter.