spinthemoon (spinthemoon) wrote,

But mostly I'm silent

(Bonus points if you catch the reference in the title. Hint: It helps to be older than dirt)

As you may or may not have noticed, I haven't been posting. I've been doing that whole posting-in-my-head thing where I think I'm posting but I'm not. I think I post in my dreams.

I'm posting now, but I don't have anything particular on my mind. On Friday someone kicked in our back door, fortunately while no one was home. You'd think I'd have something to say about that, but strangely enough I don't. It's the third time since we've been in this house that we've been broken into - the first time we actually got burgled, but then we installed the alarm system and the second time (also a back door kick-in) the alarm scared them off. This time I guess it was the combination of the alarm and Molly. Obviously they were amateurs, or they would have cased the house and known we had a dog. Poor Molly was beside herself when the police showed up and they had to call animal control to muzzle her and lock her in the back bathroom until we got to the house. I think she's more traumatized by that than the actual break-in. Husband was offended. We have signs all over saying we have an alarm system he gruffed. Do they think I'm a liar?

In other Molly news, this morning she actually managed to catch a squirrel. It was a glorious moment, given she's a dog who thinks all varmints were placed on the earth as her personal torment. It was also a fleeting moment, as Husband took it away from her. She's still sulking a bit.

Right now I have to go to the gym, so I am spared having to think up anything interesting to say.

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