spinthemoon (spinthemoon) wrote,

Poems, poems everywhere

The Boy has recently become enamored with writing poetry. Today, he told Husband that he showed one of his poems to his teacher, and she thought it was "cute". The Boy found this insulting. When Husband asked him why, he said, "My poems aren't cute." When Husband asked him how he would describe them, he said, "Cultured and wise."

At the moment, I'm tasked with typing up The Boy's poems, since he wants to print them out into a book and give them to his teacher. No doubt to prove that he is indeed cultured and wise. Personally, I'm fond of the hand-written versions, which often come complete with illustrations, like the stick figure of Bob Dylan singing the times they are-a changin.

So while I was typing, I thought I'd share one.

Morning Star

The morning
star lights
the day
light to
all that
lay in
as it dawns
and the
sun shines

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