spinthemoon (spinthemoon) wrote,

Soapbox time - ignore if you don't want to hear me rant

So, this is floating around the internet now:

And you know what? It makes me really, really angry.

You know why? These labels represent very real, and often very dangerous, problems that can be successfully treated if people would stop acting like there's something wrong with needing help.

Since when is Bipolar Disorder a "label"? I'm thinking whoever made this video didn't lose someone who never got properly "labeled" to addiction or suicide. Big Fat Stinking News, people - being bipolar doesn't make you an "artist".  It just makes life harder, for you and anyone who loves you.

I had to fight for years to get my daughter properly diagnosed with ADHD. The medication she takes now changed her life. But according to this little gem of a video, she was really just a kid. Being a kid. Who struggled and cried and thought she was stupid and was overwhelmed by a life she used to dance through. But God forbid anyone label her. Because that would be bad.

Anxiety disorders are real. And they can be deadly. Ask someone who's lost a loved one to suicide whether they'd rather have had a label than a funeral. And then stand up and clap for this video.

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