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New digs DITL


I completely forget it's a DITL day until after Cheerios

I'm running late, but I have to clean the sink. Have. To.

It takes everything in this bag to make me fit for public consumption.

Normally I leave way ahead of The Boy. But...late.

The birds are my favorite thing about this time of year.

We just moved into new offices, and I am still getting used to it.
So far the weirdest part is not having the garage attached to the building.

I am 50 years old. I have an advanced degree. And I work in a mall.

The new offices are kind of groovy.

Even though I'm running late, I'm only the second person on my floor. IT never gets in early. 

We've only been here a week, so they are still clearing out the packing crates.

New fancy coffee. We've upgraded from Folger's to Seattle's Best. My wallet appreciates it.

My plant did not fare too well in the move. I'm still trying to figure out how to arrange my desk.
But I do like the new groovy mod sitting area.

My team is not made of morning people.

I do not move from my desk until lunchtime.
My lunch leaves something to be desired.

Luckily, we get word that there are extra lunches in the break room.
I score because my desk is closest to the break room. I knew I picked it for a reason.

I sit at my desk for a really, really long time, then take a break and look out the window.
It feels very close to the ground, since I am ten floors lower than my old office.

It was supposed to be nice today, but the fog has just turned into clouds.

Sadly, we are the last team to leave the building, due to an emergency deployment.
My team really doesn't always look so glum. Really. They loooove their jobs.

Headed home, finally. The new office lobby is very modern.

Did I mention the groovy walkway changes colors?

The new parking garage still freaks me out a bit. But I have a pretty view of the church across the street.

Whenever I see this sign, my brain thinks, "Monthly visitor". It makes me laugh.

Red light.

Green light.
Repeat 57 zillion times.

At home, The Boy is glad to see me.
Ignore the laundry on the back of the sofa.
At this point, I think I need to just declare it a decorating choice.

Wrinkles make comfy clothes extra comfy. Right?

Taco-y goodness. I love a man who cooks.

Molly had a playdate today. She is so tired she doesn't even try to beg for tacos.

The Boy needs help with his homework, and I have to Google to figure out what the hell he's doing.
Good thing I'm not in 3rd grade, or I would be failing.

Middle Daughter and I watch guilty pleasure TV while we eat.

Husband and The Boy bond over LOTRO.

More embarassing guilty pleasure TV.

Molly is still tired.

Middle Daughter texts and facebooks.

I download some new tunes. Well, old tunes.

Time for the Kissy Express.

Because laundry is required on DITL day. It's the law.

On the way back from the laundry room, I catch The Boy out of bed. Busted!
And then I forgot to take a picture of Husband and I watching Nancy Drew (yes, my life is all about dumb tv) before crashing.

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