spinthemoon (spinthemoon) wrote,


Like the nerd I am, I set the alarm last night so I could watch the eclipse.

I was worried at first because it was very very bright outside - which at my house means fog or low clouds bouncing back the freeway lights. And sure enough, when I looked up, the whole sky was just a yellow haze. But then the wind picked up, and a couple of breaks in the clouds passed over, and I got a glimpse of the moon, almost at full eclipse. Because while I love eclipses, I also love sleep, and so set the alarm for the middle, not the beginning.

I woke up The Boy (who by the way has a terrible terrible cold and has been rather droopy for the past few days) and asked him if he wanted to go outside and see the eclipse. I had to ask several times, because he kept saying, "Yes" and then laying back down and pulling up the covers. I finally pointed out that to actually see it he would have to get out of bed and go outside, and that seemed to wake him up a bit.

When we got outside, the clouds were heavy again, but still moving, with occasional breaks here and there. Breaks that passed just under or above the spot where the moon was. The Boy was quite sad - he's been talking about the eclipse for days - but then right about the time of totality, the clouds just sort of parted and we had a gorgeus view. I even saw a shooting star. Which is a big deal for me because I'm hardly ever outside at night with my glasses on, and generally can't see stars at all, much less shooting ones.

Husband came out with binoculars and we moon-gazed for about 20 minutes, until the clouds came back and the moon went away. This morning, The Boy asked, How come the eclipse last night seems like a dream?

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