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Middle Daughter and I watch TV [Dec. 16th, 2010|09:45 pm]
So, there's nothing on, but that doesn't prevent us from watching anyway. We just flip through the guide until the description of a show catches our fancy. Which is how we ended up watching some ancient aliens show on the History channel, which in turn led to this conversation:

Narrator (referring to carvings on an unexplained ancient arrangement of stones): Some of these carvings have misshapen heads with bulbuous eyes.

Middle Daughter: It looks like ET. Obviously, they saw the movie. It's a lot older than people realize.

Me: That's the purpose of the stones. They were a movie trailer.

Narrator: One of the figures holds up a mysterious disc-shaped object.

Middle Daughter: Duh. It's the DVD.

This show was followed by a show about finding hidden messages in the Statue of Liberty.

Narrator: Many people believe that portraits where the subject has one hand tucked into the front of his jacket are a secret sign that the subject was a member of the Illuminati.

Middle Daughter: I think it's just because hands are really hard to draw.

[User Picture]From: eclecticmama
2010-12-17 06:32 am (UTC)
LOL! Fantastic! And so true! :c)
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[User Picture]From: nevermind_that
2010-12-24 04:18 pm (UTC)
Middle Daughter: I think it's just because hands are really hard to draw.

HAHAHAHAHA. MD is awesome. Both of you are.
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