spinthemoon (spinthemoon) wrote,

I'm too tired to think of a clever title

I've never been good at titles. In high school, I'd turn in my papers untitiled and just take the hit on my grade. Titles are names, and I'm not good with names in general.

In fact, while we were at the airport in Phoenix, waiting for our plane, someone walked by and called me by name and said hello. And I had no idea who it was. I mean, I know who it was - it was someone from work - but I couldn't tell you his name if my life depended on it (and if you're reading this, whatever-your-name-is, don't take it personally, because I only know the names of about a dozen people at work even though I've been there eight years and interact with about 50 people on a daily basis. It's a thing.)

I really don't have a point. It's just that there's only an hour left in November and I didn't want the month to end with only one post.
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