spinthemoon (spinthemoon) wrote,

Good old golden rule days

School is now in the second week, and here's how things are going so far.

The Boy: Tuesday was Open House. This used to be a drawn out affair, but in keeping with modern pacing, is now only 45 minutes, which I appreciate after going to a bazillion of them over the last twelve years. The Boy's desk is already a complete mess. (Later, when I mentioned that his desk seemed a bit unorganized, he said, True, true.) While we were signing in, Husband noticed a basket on the desk with worksheets in it, and The Boy's happened to be on top. It was a 'complete the sentence' execercise. For the sentence, "When I am am mad, I usually _______", The Boy had written avoid making eye contact.

Middle Daughter: The year is getting off to a good start - she's done a really good job of keeping up with her work, even though she's got a case of Senioritis. (Which to be truthful set in sometime around 5th grade, I think). In true Middle Daughter fashion, her favorite class is jewelry making. Here's the keychain fob she made. Yes, it is the Water Tribes symbol from The Last Airbender.

A conversation that pretty much sums up her feelings about school:

MD: Can I go to Julie's house after school Monday?
Me: Sure. What are you going to be doing?
MD: Julie's going to work on her paper, Sara is filling out college applications, and I'm going to make brownies.
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