spinthemoon (spinthemoon) wrote,

Time flies when you're ignoring it

Day 26 - Your week, in great detail

Well, after the tome of last week, I'll spare you the detail, but here are a few highlights (and I use the term loosely)

We'll start with Tuesday, since you already know just about everything there is to know about Monday.

Tuesday - It was hot. I went to work. After work, Husband and I took The Boy to buy school clothes. Found out my 8-year-old now wears size 14 jeans. Wrote a large check, thereby setting a trend for the week.

Wednesday - It was hot. I went to work. The last Family Fun Night of the summer, doubling as a going away party for my niece, who is leaving to teach for a year in Spain.

Thursday - It was hot. I went to work. Left a little early to watch The Boy take his belt test (he was going for (and earned) his dark green belt). Celebrated afterwards at the Japanese Steakhouse. Resisted ordering saki.

Friday - It was hot. I went to work, but not until after taking The Boy to meet his teacher and pick up school supplies. Stood in many lines and wrote a large check. Had lunch at Bombay Pizza. Yummy!

Saturday - It was hot. We got a dog. She's an extremely laid back and good natured border collie/lab mix. We got her from Buster's Friends, to whom I wrote a large check. The Boy spent the night at my mom's and Husband and I went to see Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. Very cool.

Sunday - It was hot. The Boy's pack registration/kickoff party was at the bowling alley. I filled out paperwork and wrote large checks while he bowled. An hour later, we walked back to the car to find I had left it unlocked. With the engine running.

Monday - It was hot. First day of school. I went to work, after dropping off Middle Daughter. After dinner, I took her shopping for jeans and managed to talk her into some cute clothes, including a pair of ankle boots with ruffles down the side. Didn't write a large check, because I put it on my debit card. Topped off the night by deciding to take some tylenol before bed, only to distract myself in the 4 seconds it took to open the bathroom cabinet into thinking it was morning, resulting in me taking my thyriod meds and a diuretic instead. Just the things you want to take before bedtime.

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