spinthemoon (spinthemoon) wrote,

I never claimed I could count

 Day 25 - Your day, in excrutiating great detail

Warning: It wasn't a particularly interesting day, which I consider a good thing, unless I'm blogging about it.

5:51 - Alarm goes off. I turn off alarm. I do not use the snooze, because I hate the snooze. The snooze is of the debbil. I go back to sleep and have a weird dream about public transit.

6:10 - I wake back up, but don't get out of bed because I never get out of bed on an even number. I'm also not particularly fond of elevens, so decide to wait until 6:13. I miss 6:13 thinking about a work thing. I'm not fond of quarter hours either, so get out of bed at 6:17. Spend the next 20 minutes or so brushing teeth, showering, turning off the alarm, and waking up Husband.

6:37 - Don't understand why my eye cream feels like it's burning my face off until I snap that it's really my lip scuffing lotion. Consider balancing the universe by using my eye cream on my lips but refrain.

6:41 - Boot up the computer. Check the news/weather, get caught up on LJ and Facebook.

6:57 - Realize I forgot to take my meds. Realize this means I don't get breakfast. Take my meds and whine to myself, since no one else wants to listen to it.

7:17 - Makeup. This only takes me about five minutes. Honest. If I were any good at it, it would probably take me longer.

7: 23 - Hair. This takes about ten minutes. Four minutes drying, four minutes styling, one minute despairing, one minute accepting.

7:35 - Get dressed. Try to walk into the other room and realize that my pants are in actual danger of bursting at the seams. (It is a morning of realizations, apparently). Get undressed and get dressed in bigger pants. Waste ten seconds of my life in inner struggle between self loathing and denial, then decide I don't have the energy for either. Remember just in time that I don't have to pack a lunch because I have a two-hour lunch meeting.

7:39 - Hit the road

8:06 - Get to work. Start computer, decide I need to go for good coffee.

8:11 - Run into my arriving-for-work VP in the elevator lobby as I leave the building. Always a good feeling.

8:13 - Ignore the warning of the too tight pants and buy a cranberry ginger scone to go with my coffee. Am not one bit sorry. Am not even a tiny bit ashamed.

8:17 - Do real work. Answer some emails, investigate some prod support issues, update requirements, mail status reports, make copies.

9:00 - Meeting. Get actual information and decisions. Remember to take notes. Woot!

10:04 - Get back to my desk and find out lunch meeting is cancelled. Drat. Do more work. Think of stuff. Write some of it down.

11:00 - Go buy lunch. Order the half sandwich and soup combo to go.

11:12 - Get back to desk. Find whole sandwich in bag. Eat it all because I'm not going to throw away perfectly good food I paid for, even though technically I was only supposed to be paying for a half a sandwich, although the whole sandwich would explain why my lunch cost more than I thought it would but just chalked up to my inability to correctly figure taxes in my head. Try to offset extra half sandwich by not eating chips. Surf net, answer more emails, investigate more prod support stuff while eating sandwich/soup and not eating chips.

12:30 - Think of more stuff. Write most of it down. Make copies. Don't eat chips. I take my victories where I find them.

3:00 - Team meeting. Prod support stuff, disaster recovery testing stuff, database replication stuff, schedule management stuff, code contention stuff, trying to determine functional requirements without business requirements stuff.  (Admit it - you wish you were me right now, don't you?)

4:00 - Update timelines, redo gant chart, get into semi-heated discussion on benchmark quantity handling and early termination processing.

5:30 - Get ready to leave, since it's my night to cook. Pat self on back for remembering it's my night to cook and leaving before 6:00.

5:43 - Actually leave. Traffic is a bear. Spend nearly 20 minutes just trying to get out of downtown, then another 20 in slow traffic on the freeway. Try not to fly into rage at the five stupid people who try to avoid the traffic jam in their lane by staying in mine until the last possible second, causing my lane to come to a complete stop even though my exit is completely empty except for their stupid cars blocking it.

6:30 - Arrive home. Throw myself at the stove. Work out my annoyance at the five stupid people by pounding the meat with a hammer. This is not a euphemism; I am making Other Smothered Steak and need to tenderize the meat. Put on rice; chop veggies; change into comfy clothes.

7:00 - Watch Secret Life of the American Teen while dinner simmers.

7:30 - Dinner! It could have cooked a little longer, but I was hungry. Finish Secret Life. Eat oreo. Eat another oreo. Vow not to eat any more oreos.

7:54 - Middle Daughter offers me the last oreo. I eat it.

8:00 - Play on computer. Facebook, Youtube, email, LJ, Bejeweled. The PopCap classic version. I have to keep playing until I break 10,000. It's a thing. Don't judge.

Sometime after 10:14 - Go to bed.
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