spinthemoon (spinthemoon) wrote,

Move over, Tyra

Last weekend Husband and I had our pictures taken, for a thing to be published. The timing was perfect, what with me in the middle of growing out a really bad haircut and all.  

The shoot co-ordinator sent us guidelines on what to wear. Short sleeves, bright colors, no prints. Which just so happens to be an exact description of every article of clothing I don't own. In my panic, I immediately gained six pounds.

Despite my panic, the shoot was a lot of fun. The photographer was really nice about my total lack of ability to have any normal facial expressions (Husband, on the other hand, was a natural). We did part of the shoot in a local park, which turned out to be the site of a "feed the homeless" event. You haven't lived until you've changed clothes in a car in the middle of a park full of homeless people.
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