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More me than you can handle

I'm stealing this meme from quaero_verum 

"30 Days of Me Meme"
Day 01 - Your favorite song

OK, first a disclaimer: The concept of "favorite" totally baffles me. What does that even mean? I suppose it's just another manifestation of my middle-of-the-roadness, but I don't really have a favorite anything. Which I guess makes this a really poor choice of memes for me, lol. But, I'll do my best to answer, knowing that if I answered the same question even ten minutes later, I'd give a totally different response.

Um, favorite song? Tiny Dancer by Elton John. It has a lot of associated nostalgia. In high school, I was a a huge Elton John fan. Huge. Like, wanted to marry him huge. Which tells you something about how well my gaydar worked in high school. I eventually grew out of wanting to marry him, but I never grew out of admiring his music, even the really cheesy bad stuff.

A close runner up would be Lady by Styx. I'm a sucker for a power ballad. I also love Amazing Grace, especially on the pipes. Good pipes. The difference between good and bad bagpipe playing is subtle, but enormous.

And because I stayed up way too late last night watching the movie version of Jesus Christ Superstar, I have to inlcude I Only Want to Say. But not the movie version. I hate just about every version of every song in that movie. Which doesn't stop me from watching it every time I run across it, even though I spend the whole time wishing they weren't screwing it up.

But this version? I think I wore the grooves off the album listening to this version:

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