spinthemoon (spinthemoon) wrote,

When the bough breaks

Our self-trimming tree is at it again. Last week, a branch at the tippy top, about ten feet long and as big around as my arm (and I have fat old lady arms, so that's pretty big around), broke off.

On the way down, it took out anther three or four branches, and they all landed on top of my unidentified hedgey things. Did I mention this is the tree by the driveway? Where the power lines are?

Fortunately, the brances fell parallel to the driveway, which is parallel to the power lines, and missed both. While I'm very glad that happened, I'm halfway wishing they had fallen perpendicularly so I could finally apply all that geometry I learned my freshman year in high school to a real life situation, at least obliquely.

I had to hack back the undefined hedgey things even more than I already had because they got all bent out of shape over it. While I was cleaning up the mess, I decided to clean out the whole bed by the driveway, which turned out to be no small task. It does look much better, if a bit bare. I need to find something that will grow in the shade with no water. Any suggestions?
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