spinthemoon (spinthemoon) wrote,

I'm still here, more or less

I have no idea why I'm not posting. I think I'm still very tired.

We took a four-day vacation in Branson. Before we left I joked that the old folks and I were going to hang out in Branson, but it occurred to me that distinction is rapidly becoming too fine to make.

It was really nice; we flew into Little Rock and then drove through the Ozarks to Branson. The drive was amazing. At least, I thought it was amazing. I'm not sure Husband had the same experience, since he was doing the actual driving. But the weather was gorgeous and the rosebuds and dogwood were in full bloom and it was all mountainy, which is something flatlander me appreciates.

We did all sorts of touristy stuff, from a ghostwalk tour to seeing a show. I think now I need to sleep for a couple of days to recover.
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