spinthemoon (spinthemoon) wrote,

I wonder where he gets it from?

The Boy is turning out to be particularly single-minded. Today, as Husband was exiting the shower, The Boy approached him and they had the following conversation:

The Boy: I want a frozen yogurt. Can you get it?

Husband: Let me get dressed first. Puts on deodorant.

TB: What's that?

H: Deodorant

TB: Can I try some?

H: No, you're too little. This is for grownups.

TB: I little?

H: Yes, you're little right now. But you're growing, and some day you'll be a grown up man like Daddy.

TB: I will?

H: Yes, you will. What do you think you'll do when you're a big grown up man like Daddy?

TB: I'll get a frozen yogurt.

Tags: the boy
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