spinthemoon (spinthemoon) wrote,

Cue Barry Manilow

You are no doubt wondering where I've been. (Go ahead, humor me) Where I've been isn't all that interesting, but where I am is pretty cool. As in, I have goosebumps and my bff annie is sitting at the next computer googlemapping the nearest Target so we can go buy sweaters.

Ayah, I am spending time in New England with the bffs, tooling about the countryside before meeting up with the gang in New York for the Komen 5K on Sunday. I've never been this far North on this continent before. I was half expecting to burst into flames or turn to stone when my Southern feet landed on Yankee soil, but it's been lovely.

The land goes up and down here. There are trees I don't recognize. Everyone talks funny. And it's cold. Which I was not expecting, and did not pack for. Thus the impending trip to Target.

Yesterday, we spent the day in Salem. I am mightily amused by the idea of travelling to a different state and back in one day. I was also mightily amused by Salem, which is a pretty little town geared for tourists. I love touristy stuff. Although it was also very odd, because there are all these shops selling witchy stuff, and the whole point of the Salem witch trials is that the accused weren't witches. So you leave a museum that has a live re-enactment of a trial, and a recreation of the dungeons the accused were kept in, and a diorama of Hanging Hill, and enter a gift shop selling brooms and spell candles. Milli commented, "It's like touring a plantation and seeing the slave quarters and then having someone say, Here, try on some shackles!"

No idea where where' headed today - maybe Boston. It's early enough that I can still claim I've never been to Boston in the Fall.

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