spinthemoon (spinthemoon) wrote,

At least he kept his sense of humor

Last night, The Boy got himself thoroughly stuck in one of the dining room chairs. The chairs are small lyre backed chairs somewhat like these:

He was on his stomach, with his legs stuck through the space between the seat and the crossbar on the back, and his head hanging off the front. Husband looked up from the dishes to see The Boy's legs sticking out the back of the chair.

What are you doing, Son? Husband asked.

I'm getting my dice. I dropped them, replied The Boy.

You need to get off the chair before you break something or hurt yourself, Husband advised.

There was  short pause, and then the voice under the table came back with, Well, I've already taken care of the hurting myself part.

Extra Credit to Husband for getting The Boy unstuck without damaging the chairs (or The Boy). Minus points for not getting it on camera.

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